Digital Display Marketing

Digital Marketing

What is it?
Digital display advertising is a marketing format targeting a predetermined audience with banners, images, or videos. The key is to target potential customers on mobile apps, social media platforms, websites, and other display-focused spaces which explain the name. This is a form of outbound advertising which sees the advertiser targeting an audience actively rather than waiting for people to come to them. Digital display advertising is unique in the format in which it’s focused. Because so much of our time is spent in front of displays, this marketing strategy is a great way to improve your outreach and brand awareness.

Why is it important?
Digital display marketing comes with a host of perks that make it a must for all businesses at some point in their marketing journeys. It’s a highly effective advertising strategy that can help businesses reach their goals in shorter periods of time while spending less money. Perhaps the most beneficial result is increased brand awareness. Well-executed digital display marketing will help get your brand. This boost in brand awareness inevitably leads to a surge in product consideration as consumers have your products top of mind which eventually leads to purchase intent. A big reason SMEs love this form of advertising is its cost-effectiveness when compared to other options.

How can Marketing 720 help?
With years of experience in digital display marketing, the Marketing 720 team can design and implement a fully personalized advertising strategy that meets your business’s specific goals. We’ll handle everything so you can focus on growing your business. Our team handles the campaign setup and management to ensure everything lines up with your marketing objectives and parameters. We’ll provide ad review and ad optimization solutions for the highest-quality results possible. Our digital display marketing includes video advertising which is one of the most effective advertising mediums. We’ll also handle retargeting strategies to optimize every interaction with potential customers.

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