Creative Advertising

Creative Advertising

What is it?
Many companies mistakenly see advertising as a monolith which greatly diminishes their capabilities when attempting to reach audiences. In reality, advertising is incredibly dynamic and multifaceted. Creative advertising is one of the many branches of advertising which focuses on infusing a commercial project with – you guessed it – creativity. Sure, all advertising requires a little bit of ingenuity, but creative advertising places a greater focus on innovation and uniqueness to really create an effective marketing campaign. Creative advertising can be used in a wide range of areas including local SEO, citations, search engine marketing, and Google My Business.

Why is it important?
Creative advertising is known for its ability to catch and hold the attention of audiences in ways that standard forms of advertising have a hard time doing. However, the flip side of this advantage is that creative adverts need to be carefully designed and precisely targeted to increase their effectiveness. Unfortunately, most businesses never have the opportunity to take advantage of this form of marketing because their agencies don’t have the capability. It’s a highly specialized advertising skill that only a select few agencies can actually pull off.

How can Marketing 720 help?
It takes a highly creative and talented team to pull off a creative advertising goal which is where Marketing 720 can help! Our team is comprised of highly experienced creatives, innovators, and visionaries who are always looking to push the envelope. We’ll handle everything in the creative advertising campaign from the strategy development and design to the technical implementation and execution. We work one-on-one with each of our clients to gain a better understanding of their specific goals to ensure our creative advertising strategy is as effective as possible in helping them reach their objectives.

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