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What is it?
Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm with its machine-learning and automation capabilities. In marketing, AI is principally used to speed up and improve the accuracy of data analysis and data collection. Wherever AI technology can perform something quicker, more efficiently, and more precisely than a human brain, it makes sense to simply unplug the manual task with an AI marketing equivalent. AI tools have the ability to learn from customer profiles and data to determine the most effective ways of communicating with potential and current customers. This makes for an improved user experience, more effective marketing campaigns, and a better marketing ROI for businesses overall.

Why is it important?
As with all forms of effective advertising, AI marketing has its place within a business’s strategic outreach. It’s not the holy grail some make it out to be with the capabilities of replacing all other forms of marketing, but it remains a highly effective way to target potential customers. When used correctly, AI marketing can make for an improved customer experience as their needs and wants are more accurately anticipated throughout the interaction process. On the flip side, this means warmer leads, improved conversion rates, and higher sales volume overall for businesses.

How can Marketing 720 help?
For many businesses, AI marketing seems out of reach either due to a lack of understanding of the processes behind it or a lack of funding to hire a specialized team to pull it off. That’s where the Marketing 720 team can help. We offer customized AI marketing solutions custom-tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients. We use the most advanced marketing AI for complex data analysis, content generation, real-time personalization, natural language processing, and automated decision making among other solutions. We help businesses harness the power of AI to achieve their marketing goals in shorter periods of time while saving money too.

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