Media Buying

Media Buying
Our agency offers comprehensive media buying across a majority of modern information mediums... Newspapers, Printed Billboards, TV...

From the very start the client had 3 clear goals in mind, which was then wards on within our responsibility to achieve:

* Organic traffic increased 574%
* Conversions from organic traffic increased 236%
* Revenue from organic traffic increased 145% *this revenue was normalized

When companies start new campaigns with our agency, we always take additional timing and effort to curtail it to specific needs that every business has. The client in this case study was hoping to increase revenue, through expanding their applicable audience (website traffic). They also wanted to bury they dated marketing approach and launch an advanced type of a promotional campaign dictated by a sound Digital Strategy.

The Advantages of Working with a Media Planning Agency
The scope of digital marketing is vast and ever-changing. No matter the size of your company, it can be hard for business owners and marketers to find the time to handle digital marketing on their own, let alone doing so without wasting money. That’s why it’s so beneficial to work with a media buying agency.

Media buying agencies are doing this type of work day in and day out. Not only do we know and understand the current best practices of running digital marketing campaigns, but we know when and how to pivot as the industry evolves. It’s the job of a media buying agency to stay on top of new trends, platforms, and strategies to offer the best return on investment to our clients.

From gaining access to competitive research to saving on resources, here are just a few of advantages of media planning agencies.

Market Intelligence and Competitive Research
Question: How can we expand our customer base? Sales have been slow lately.
Answering with Customer Targeting/Lead Generation: Knowing where to sell your products or services may seem straightforward, but that’s not always the case in niche markets. Market Intelligence can identify buyers in a new market or scour the customer landscape for an existing product, particularly in B2B markets.

By identifying and profiling companies that currently need or expect to demand certain products and services, a list of potential customers can be unearthed. In addition, a thorough examination of each company’s market activity will provide the necessary knowledge to approach these customers in a strategic and effective manner.

Strategy & Media Planning
Today’s consumer is sophisticated, empowered, and active across a multitude of digital platforms. One advantage of media planning with an agency like Marketing 720 is that we prioritize the platforms that are most likely to convert first while leaving some budget behind that’s intended to drive brand awareness and engagement with individuals who are early in the buyer’s journey and still need some nurturing and encouragement.

We have the experience and know-how required to understand which platforms and the overall mix of platforms and budget to use to reach your business goals. These strategies are the business advantages of media planning with an agency that will give you the best solution for your advertising budget.

Changing Trends
Marketing trends change all the time, and unless you have the time and resources to stay on top of these trends, campaigns will suffer, and spending inefficiencies will arise. You probably remember the issues that Facebook had with their data early in 2018. Because users lost faith in Facebook’s data privacy and protection, Facebook decided to remove certain types of targeting from their ad platform.

Save Resources
Budget and people are both resources that your business needs. Another one of the advantages of media planning agencies is that they can save your business on both. Companies that forgo building their own in-house media buying team save significantly on their marketing investment. Agencies have multiple experts on staff to assist in different areas of marketing, and by hiring an agency, you aren’t paying multiple salaries, medical benefits, and other ordinary employee costs.

Marketing 720 is a full-service media buying agency that will help you effectively reach your business goals. Reach out to us anytime using our on-line contact form or call 888-291-1677 to speak with a digital marketing expert directly. We can answer all your questions about the advantages of media planning with Marketing 720.

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While we were used to working with a lot of ad agencies for different parts of our campaigns, last year, after a refreshingly successful ad campaign by these guys, we’ve decided to handle all of our activities to them!

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