Brand Identity

Brand Identity

What is it?
Brand identity is all about setting yourself apart from the competition. It’s never been easier to start a business which is good for entrepreneurs but also means more competitors fighting for limited resources within a market. Brand identity is anything that distinguishes your company from another. This includes logos, taglines, colors, and other visual elements that provide users with a certain connection with your brand clearly separating it from other competitors. Without a clear brand identity, you’ll have a hard time capturing the attention and dollars of your target audience.

Why is it important?
Brand identity is all about building familiarity. When a user is familiar with a brand, they’re much more likely to interact with it whether that means buying products or using services. The problem is that many businesses simply don’t understand what sets them apart from the competition. A targeted and effective brand identity strategy puts a business on another level with a clear idea of purpose and uniqueness. It’s not just about strengthening ties with potential and current customers. It’s also about building a solid internal foundation.

How can Marketing 720 help?
The Marketing 720 team is a leading provider of brand identity services designed to help businesses develop a distinguishable personality, improve their brand awareness, and set themselves apart from the competition. We take a holistic approach to brand identity solutions meaning we target several different areas for a more effective strategy overall. Our team can handle everything from logos and colors to typography and packaging to messaging and more. Through our brand identity solutions, we strive to strengthen ties with current customers while attracting new ones. We make sure the brand identity is consistent throughout both internally and externally for maximum effect.

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